Congratulations to the 2022 Recipients of the Jared's Fund Youth Fellowship!
For the 4th year Jared's Fund has been hopeful about the efforts to end the stigma surrounding mental illness by the quality of the projects submitted for review and also by the enthusiasm demonstrated by our young adults at Montclair High School! The recipients of this year's Summer Fellowship along with their planned projects are listed below. 
We are so excited to be working with a new group of "Mental Health Warriors" this Summer!
Working together we CAN end the stigma!

Daniela Dreifach Photo.jpeg

Daniela Dreifach’s project for Jared’s Fund Youth Fellowship is to create a “Coping Room” or “Mental Health Resource Center” within Montclair High School (potentially at least 1 in each building) and possibly expand this idea to the middle schools as well.  Using hotlines, breathing techniques, physical coping objects, art therapy, and writing therapy, Daniela hopes that these room(s) will become a safe space for students to visit during their day when they need a “time out from the stressors of their day.

Mentor: Mr. Reginald Clark (MHS Assistant Principal)

Daniela (Dani) is a “rising senior”

Eliana Leow Photo.jpg

Eliana Leow’s project for Jared’s Fund Youth Fellowship is to create a community for young women, ages 12-17, where they can learn and freely discuss mental health, mental health awareness and mental health stigma while expressing themselves through art. Eliana’s project will consist of three 90-minute workshops for 10-15 girls at Montclair Art Museum integrating mental health awareness through art. Eliana will be assisted by her mentor, Dr. Tekeyah Sears, and various other community leaders.

Mentor:  Dr Tekeyah Sears

Eliana is a “rising senior”

Jonah Schmeltz Photo.jpeg

Jonah Schmeltz’s project for Jared’s Fund Youth Fellowship is to create a presentation to help raise awareness of mental health issues and how they affect high school athletes. He plans to do this by creating a google slides presentation including information on what Jared’s Fund is and how to raise awareness of mental health struggles in the athletic world. Jonah hopes to include a guest speaker and also use video clips from professional athletes. He will add in a Q&A and use community resources. Jonah’s hope is that the Montclair High School coaches will be able to show this google presentation at the beginning of each season.

Mentor:  Julie Rezende

Jonah is a “rising senior”

Nate Loewy Photo.jpg

Nathan Loewy’s project for Jared’s Fund Youth Fellowship will be to conduct research on ways to improve mental health resources in Buzz Aldrin Middle School. He will be conducting interviews with students and he also hopes to create skits for video presentations which can be shown during a school assembly. 

Mentor: Tracy Klingener

Nathan (Nate) just graduated from MHS!

Desiree Lawrence Photo.jpg
Tahmari Lewis Photo.jpeg

Desiree Lawrence and Tahmari Lewis plan to focus their Jared’s Fund Youth fellowship project on early childhood mental health. Desiree and Tahmari’s mental health research project is a three-part plan. The first part focuses on meeting with mental health experts and asking them questions designed to be developed into a survey. The second part of their project will be to meet with various organizations such as daycares, schools, camps, etc. in order to have them fill out the survey.  The main purpose of the survey is to provide Desiree and Tahmari with an understanding of what the facilities are doing to protect children’s mental health   Lastly, the third part will involve creating a publication. The publication will include the recommendations they received from experts, the percentage of facilities working to benefit children's mental health, and online and in-person resources.

Mentor:  Linda Hyndman Lewis

Desiree and Tahmari are both “rising seniors”

Brynn Photo 2_edited.jpg

Brynn Baldwin will be joining Jared’s Fund this Summer as our Intern!  She is a sophomore at Dripping Springs High School in Austin, Texas.  Brynn was “one of Jared’s Favorite Cousins”!