Advisory Board and Staff

Brianna Zimmerman

Brianna is Jared's sister and a recent graduate of NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study where she focused on the politics of narrative and translation. She is an editor at The Yale Review and lives in New York City. Brianna is studying to be a translator in Latin, French, and Arabic.  She served as an editor of the Occidental Weekly and has been published in the Huffington Post and the Gotham Gazette. She created the Jared’s Fund website and serves as a mentor to grantee recipients who use storytelling to reduce mental health stigma. 

Gabe Zimmerman

Gabe is Jared's brother and a second-year law student at Harvard Law School. He is passionate about advocating for quality mental health services and awareness. He graduated from Brown in 2018, where he led HOPE – a student organization dedicated to fighting the structural issues surrounding homelessness and poverty in Rhode Island. He runs the outreach and recruitment efforts for Jared’s Fund. Feel free to contact Gabe at with any Jared's Fund-related questions.

Jackie Baillargeon

Jared's Mom and Board Co-Chair of Jared’s Fund. Jackie is a long-time public interest lawyer who has represented children and adults as a public defender, taught in law school clinical programs, and run non-profit and philanthropic programs.  She sees Jared’s Fund as a place that can bring people together with warmth and understanding – all core to making the kind of social change needed. 

Ken Zimmerman

Jared's Dad and Board Co-Chair of Jared’s Fund. Ken has spent his career on justice and equity issues as a civil rights attorney, public policy maker, and philanthropic and non-profit executive. Ken believes strongly in the power and potential of young people to challenge stigma and make inclusiveness real. Ken is the founder and co-director of S2i, an initiative housed at the JED Foundation which seeks to advance transformation in mental health services and funding for all.

Dr. Stewart Adelson

Stewart Adelson is a child psychiatrist and one of Jared's godfathers. Stewart specializes in the treatment and support of LGBTQ youth and is affiliated with both Columbia and NYU medical schools. See:

Stephanie Bell-Rose

A leading philanthropic executive who currently is the Managing Director and Head at the TIAA Institute, Stephanie and her family also created Steve’s Fund which focuses on creating equity in mental health.  We became close to Stephanie after Jared died, and Stephanie shared her own family’s experience which led to the creation of Steve’s Fund. See

Patrick Holmes

Pat was a close college friend of Jared's. In 2019, received a Masters in Economics at Bard College where he also received his B.A. Pat is committed to criminal justice reform, especially in his native city of New Orleans, and recently returned to his hometown. Pat helps lead the Jared’s Fund application process.

Max Menken

Max is a childhood friend of Jared's and recently graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in mechanical engineering and now works for a start-up in Burlington. He is committed to help build Jared’s Fund.

Dr Denise Rodgers

 A Montclair resident whose child went through the Montclair public schools, Denise served as the last President of the state’s medical school (before it was merged with Rutgers) and currently directs the Rutgers Urban Health and Wellness Institute in Newark. Her medical expertise includes dealing with childhood trauma. See

Jon Segal

Jon is a close childhood friend of Jared. A Tulane graduate, Jon recently relocated to Washington, D.C., where he is developing sustainable and equitable mobility systems as an Autonomous Vehicle Tester at a local start-up. With Pat, he helps lead the Jared’s Fund application process.

Beth Wilensky, Managing Director, Jared's Fund

Since 2019, Beth has managed the Jared's Fund Fellowship program. Beth comes to Jared's Fund with 26 years of living experience in the Montclair Community, many of those years spent volunteering as PTA President, Girl Scout Leader, Booster Club President, and most recently as a Trustee for Montclair Film and a committee member for the Bounce festival in Montclair. Get in touch with Beth at

Community Foundation of New Jersey

From creative projects that tackle critical societal or policy issues to scholarship funds, corporate philanthropy, legacy funds and donor advised funds, the Community Foundation manages nearly every kind of giving vehicle and tailors solutions to meet critical needs. The Community Foundation’s team of specialists understand the unique contours of communities and manage the scope of the Community Foundation’s investment and grantmaking capabilities with precision.