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Khari Jenkins-2020 Graduate of MHS. Attending USC in the Fall

Hannah Roche-Rising Senior at MHS

Niamh Cahill- Rising Senior at MHS

Khari, Hannah, and Niamh plan to establish a new health curriculum that better highlights mental health issues along with an assembly to do the same. Additionally, they hope to establish a physical location where students can go to find mental health and educational resources as well as a direct line of contact between students and administrators. They have four main goals: To amplify the voices of students at Montclair High School and emphasize the fact that they are not alone, to adjust the curriculum to inform both students and teachers about the impact of mental illness on individuals and ways to cope, to create a space where students are able to receive assistance when they are struggling emotionally, especially when those struggles impact their academic ability, and to open a safe, judgment-free line of communication between administrators and students. Their mentor will be Adee Shepen who is the Chief Development Officer for the Jed Foundation.

Niamh Insta.PNG
Hannah Insta.PNG
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